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Art on the clouds

Draw whatever you want, the sky is your canvas. Check this cool drawings from our fellow Cloudspotters

More... [NSFW]

Wait a second... Why clouds?

Clouds are whatever you want them to be.

Clouds are mythical creatures which can morph into cows, dogs and every other weird animal or thing that comes into your mind.

The Sky is your canvas

A clean, natural, and fluffy canvas that removes the fear of a blank page and invites you to start drawing

This app is universal.

We don't mean cross device Universal, we mean literally Universal. You can spot clouds in Jupiter, Venus and even Mars. Isn't that cool?

The team behind the cloud

We are a 2 person team trying to build cool stuff that people love. Get in touch with us :)

Buy us a cup of coffee.

We've been working really hard to get this app in everybody's hands. If you want to keep us going, please buy us a $1 cup of coffee. Thank you!

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